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    1. First, plan your themes (ie. educational posts, personal posts, quotes, testimonials, promotional, etc) and which days these will fall on (a good starting point would be 3 x per week). USE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA CALENDAR TO HELP YOU.

    2. Once you have your themes you can add in your content – this is where you match which piece of advice you will offer with which educational post.

    3. Next, you can batch your media/ filming – if you need to film or take photos – do this on the same day to maximize time.

    4. Batch your content writing – now you have your plan you can sit down and write a month’s worth of content in one sitting!

    If you start here you will quickly have a month’s worth of content ready to post which will save you time and the headache of trying to work out what to post/ which image/ video to use

    I use a Social Media Posting Plan like the image here but which you can access at… https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pVUEuNESVGDJ8QWRI_g0AMkpLLIp5gcwhV2B_tK8BMY/edit?usp=sharing



    • Provide them link to the URL with context on the task
    • Let them know the scheduling tool you use and ensure they have access to this tool (My fav is Planoly, they will be able to adapt to any social scheduling tool)
    • Inform them, where will these social media quotes be posted – would you like them posted across all your socials?
    • Do you have any previous posts on your profiles that they could refer to for inspiration/guidance? If so, ensure they have seen these/you’ve provided links for them to access this information so they can ensure future posts are cohesive
    • Are there any other accounts of competitors or complementary businesses that you love and can recommend for inspiration? If so, pop those in the comments.
    • Ensure they understand the themes you’ve planned… Are they going to be posting quotes/educational/promotional? Do you want X amount of each posted X times a week – let them know so they can curate and schedule the content accordingly
    • Ensure they know how often you’d like the posts to be going on on social media (while you’re starting out, I recommend 3 times per week and increasing this over time)
    • They can research and apply relevant hashtags, if you have any specific ones you’d like included on each post though, ensure you let them know
    • Do you have copy for your captions? If so, link to this content. Otherwise, if you’d like assist with providing captions, provide them with a list of phrases you use and/or do’s and don’ts so they can convey your tone and keep the conversation consistent
    • Add in any other notes, copy or requirements that might be relevant
    • Don’t assume – particularly if you’re just starting out with someone it’s always best to provide as much information as possible.
    • If you have extensive notes, I recommend recording a Loom.

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  • Jamie

    March 9, 2022 at 2:41 pm

    This is GREAT! Thank you

    • Jamie

      March 13, 2022 at 1:00 pm

      YOU BET

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