‘Dr in the House’ on Perfectly Imperfect (self-esteem)

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Life Coaching
Life Coaching
'Dr in the House' on Perfectly Imperfect (self-esteem)

Last Wednesday was my first interview with KSOU’s ‘Dr in the House’ series (I will be doing each Wednesday played live at 9:05 and replayed at 3:05 for 6 months). I am so grateful for them first of all inviting me to be a part of this. Second, I would love your prayers to keep the topics insightful and helpful to the folks this will reach.

I spend a lot of time blogging, videoing, and building content with a heart to spur thought and to infuse faith into our daily lives. Today I will ask something of you!

Could you all do me a favor? Please comment below topics you feel ‘the world’ might need. Topics you see neighbors, loved ones, or yourself get stuck in or have to deal with. This will help me use this time wisely and serving well.


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