LIVING WITHIN THE SWEET SPOT, Episode 45, Man Up, God’s Way with Jody Burkeen

Life Coaching
Life Coaching
LIVING WITHIN THE SWEET SPOT, Episode 45, Man Up, God's Way with Jody Burkeen

Episode Description, 

Today’s Living Within the Sweet Spot is dedicated to our men.

Last fall I began hunting for resources for the men I work with. I wanted to find a place for men to thrive, be inspired, and grow in their faith. I do a fine job with this myself, but I wanted a great place for these men to be built up by men.

I’m very careful to lead folks as God directed, which means sticking close to the written Word. Finding a place for men that matched this was not easy. There are some awesome podcasts and individuals to follow but I wanted more. I wanted a community that leads men, God’s way.

That is when I found Pastor Jody Burkeen, author of Man Up God’s Way. His story is passionate and real. God has taken hold of his life and he is…DEDICATED TO TEACHING MEN TO BECOME GODLY, IN AN UNGODLY WORLD. His passion is to help men to stand up to the challenge God has laid out before them in His Holy Word. In today’s show, Jody will be sharing his teachings with us so you all can Man Up God’s Way!


Faith Infused Living…Reaches Goals Higher,
Niccie Kliegl CLC, RN