‘Mistakes Matter’ Week 4’s Podcast with Dr. Donlin on how to grow and learn from past mistakes.

Life Coaching
Life Coaching
'Mistakes Matter' Week 4's Podcast with Dr. Donlin on how to grow and learn from past mistakes.

How to learn and grow from past mistakes…that is a true gift.

How do we get the ability to not let past failures hold us back from excelling and advancing? In this week’s summary of Awaking the Living Legacy we are focussing on this very matter. There are four chapters in this part of the book. Consider the Problem: which is letting our past mistakes get a foothold on us or even letting the fear of making a mistake freeze us, and keep us from trying to reach goals and move forward. The next chapter, Consider the ‘Word’:  is where we focus on the truths written in the Bible, on this very manner. This chapter provides us with great insight and direction. Then Consider the Gift: always the favorite chapter of mine….Here we always learn what can we receive by following the ‘Word’ and what God is asking of us. After we have all that info…we spend the last chapter of each part making INFORMED decisions on our life. This chapter, Consider the Choice: is where the change occurs. It is one thing to have the gifts, support, and wisdom that God offers, the grace and mercy of Christ, and the Holy Spirits with all his guidance……It’s altogether a different matter to APPLY them to your life- to use these gifts and to let them live in you. Awaking the Living Legacy!

Dr. Donlin, PH.D., LP serves as Staff Clinical Psychologist in the behavioral health clinic at the Orange City Area Health System. He works closely with their family practice Drs which is crucial for the highest level of service, offering wholistic, patient-centered, coordinated behavioral health care. He will be helping us understand some key elements involved with taking a good look at how we can move forward after experiencing some failures. And, how to  keep yourself from landing in a foothold-frozen and unable to step out from FEAR of making a mistake.

I hope you enjoy this episode of Faith Infused Living on ‘Mistakes Matter’ Niccie Kliegl, RN, CLC