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Today’s episode is on…‘HOW TO HEAR THE VOICE OF GOD’

This is a common question that I get with new and old coaching clients. From those who are deep in their faith and those who are brand new to it all. From moms and dads simply trying to do their families well, to our sisters and brothers looking for more out of life and even from my faith-based entrepreneurs. Inevitably, we all just want to….hear the voice of God!

Because we know this when our life, work, relationships, truly fall into place.

I believe God is talking to us all, but that we don’t always recognize it. Sometimes we even write it off as a bad burrito, goosebumps, or great personal intuition.

Sometimes my clients feel bad that they’ve never heard God before….. but don’t give that another thought, there’s no guilt here because we all want to hear the voice of God MORE tomorrow than we did today… if right now you wonder why you haven’t heard God talk to you (which I know he is and has)— the only thing I want you to feel… is a nudge to work at it, because this is something that most everyone wants and it is pivotal in our life. It absolutely is possible to hear God and It provides us such assurance for moving forward and into the GREAT things He has in store for us.


1) RELATIONSHIP. This is one of the hugest things that can make a difference in hearing the voice of God

2) THE WORD, I have a lot of tips that can help you start tapping into the word…. I use them with my coaching clients all the time and they work. We just sometimes need help getting started. Many of us have never read the Bible before. In fact, the last statistics I saw said 30% and that was pretty much me. It isn’t uncommon that my NEW TO BIBLE clients feel guilty or insecure to step in. But they all do great and I love helping them.

3) WORSHIP, worship really makes a difference in hearing God’s word. God designed us with our own gifts and talents so we can, as one body, are be more complete. Worship in song, prayer, word comes to us differently and together we receive him more completely….AND doing all forms of worship personally makes us more whole and one with God… doing it all together adds to that… one body of CHRIST.

So stay tuned… stay with me… because I believe the Holy Spirit is with all of us listening right now and I want to help you Tap into the Trinity© and get you hearing the voice of God more and more with each passing day!



As we dive deeper into our relationship with God, God-partnered living. I want to start with us thinking back to a childhood best friend. Some of us are in a situation where we don’t live by them. Maybe our children were born at different times and so we’re not even experiencing the same things at the same time. Yet, that person, you can call anytime, day or night, after weeks, months or years, if there’s some tragedy that happens in your life, you can call that person and they are there for you. You know it. If you call them, they will pick up, drop everything and they will be there for you. And it seems like you pick up right where you last left off.

That is a loving unconditional friendship and it’s so wonderful. And that’s much of the way God is, no matter how long it’s been, whether we stayed connected every day or have been missing out for years… He is there for us –no matter what. The thing is, all those months and years that we don’t connect with our friends, we missed out. By not staying connected we didn’t know what’s going on in their life. Oh sure, all will be fine the next time your together– but day to day you weren’t hearing what they were saying, going through, dealing with, and in essence, they didn’t even give you a chance to help, support, and drop everything to be there for them.

So are you checking in with God? Connecting and reaching out to Him, giving him an invitation to your help in your day-to-day?

This is often what we do to God. We call on him only when we are desperate when things are really bad and we truly HIM – our powerful friend. Yes, he is your friend, and He is your father. HE loves you unconditionally, (AND far better than a dear friend of this world possibly can) HE IS COMPLETE, WHOLE, POWERFUL, LOVING, GRACIOUS, he’s always there, he’s going to be there when we call on Him.  Jeremiah 33:3 ‘Call to Me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things, which you do not know.’

So, if you want to tap into him, hear him, receive him, you have to be with him… Thus, I AM HIS & HE IS MINE (the premise of my first book)… HAVE YOU GIVEN YOURSELF TO HIM, TO CHRIST?

So in terms of our relationship and being with God… we have to remember we have free will. He loves us and DIED for us. Make no mistake of it if there is a divide… and, it comes from our end. We have to learn how to step into God. AND remember, if you feel distant or far away, know that we are HUMAN and there are this constant ebb and flow. There are many stages of our faith journey. You listening right now… not having shut this off is already moving you into a new place. Interested, curious, being hopeful. Never look back with regret … use the tough and distant times as an igniter for a better tomorrow. All I want, all you need, is to step into the relationship a little further each day… stay close to God and keep advancing.

I met my maker when I was 22, and when I left that encounter I felt a deep understanding that God wanted me to love others and myself as He does. Conviction to be a loving person. I did my best as a nursing home director, w/ my staff, and it was really good.  Even my husband and children – man, I loved them. BUT, I taught them to do the same. To be kind and love others well.


I didn’t know what loving God meant….it’s crazy honestly. I was oblivious. Thinking that just being a good person and showing up to church weekly was good. I have to admit… for most of my life I was not engaged in my faith, I wasn’t tapped into the Trinity. I didn’t know that I should be, or how to be.

I do now, it’s the call God has on my life and I am so passionate about helping others do just this. It’s life-transforming and I want this good God-partnered life for everyone.


  1. ASSESSING/INVESTING INTO GOD: Now I want you to stop, really think about this… maybe write down your answer. How much do you invest into your relationship with God? Hours per day/ month/year. At home, work, church, sharing it with friends or family? Do you talk to him, how much do you pray to him, do you sing with him, listen to him, read him? This directly correlates with how much you’re going to be able to hear him.

If we’re not tapping into him, or calling on him…and if we’re not talking to him… then we don’t really have much of a relationship. Think about our own children… if they only called when they needed something and were desperate – never connecting with otherwise… Sure you’d be there for them… but that doesn’t mean we would have much of a relationship. AND, sadly (or fearfully) If they hardly call you, talk to you, or think to connect with you… how likely are they to reach out to for much of anything….to hear your guidance?

Are we doing the same to God? Failing to have that connection causing us to be like me… rather clueless to all the power, peace, love….. and so much more at our fingertips…. But not tapped into – why? Because of our own free will.

A connection is how we get to know people. This is what Jesus taught us…He asked to hear their stories. He wanted to know them, sit with them, talk with them, understand them… It’s easy to judge others from afar. It’s easy to create misguided opinions when we don’t know the whole truth. So what are our thoughts about God and his power in our life? Could the be misguided, could we be missing out on so much more….not even aware. For no other reason than simply keeping Him at bay. Are you sharing your life, your story with God? Are you asking for him to share his with you? Do you listen? Has he already provided it, but we don’t listen, read, hear.

If we’re not willing to share our life with God and we keep our trials and fears, hopes and dreams blocked away we are actually hurting ourselves… keeping his healing and power at bay. It’s right there– ready to be tapped into (remember the story of John 5 “Pick up your mat and walk”) See, we often lay beside the healing waters, never tapping into the help that is right there. Are we waiting to see it without acting, without picking up our mat? Do we only speak when spoken to? Do we fail to call out until we are desperate? We have free will, we need to be engaged in our relationship with God – We need to be alert and aware of how we are doing in our relationship with God… and we need to constantly step in – TAP INTO THE TRINITY!

  1. PLUGIN (Tapping into the Trinity©): I’m going to use a metaphor of buying a treadmill so bear with me… God has owned us (Jesus bought us for a price), and we have free will to ‘buy’ into him, to believe all this – or not… and even to decide how much we want to INVEST back into him and into the relationship.

(K, now for the treadmill scenario, simply to help us see how idle we may be being.) Many of us have boughten a treadmill, we paid a price and we own it. But does that mean that we’re going to be using it or get the benefits of it? Simply owning a treadmill isn’t going to make us stronger, or extend our life? And I want more for you – I want more for your health… than to just own a treadmill. I want you to plug it in…. and I want you to get to the energy, the strength and endurance, and everything you can get from using the treadmill.

And so it goes with God, you are owned by him YOU ARE HIS AND HE IS YOURS

*Many of us would be confident about this much…but I want you to use all He has to offer… to get plugged into HIM, (tap into him) let His energy move in you and give you strength, power protection, insight (armor of God) or…, peace, forbearance, patience, joy, gentleness and self-control. (Fruit of the Holy Spirit)

The first thing I have my coaching clients who desire to tap into the trinity…. is to self-evaluating. I ask them…

  • How much are you allowing God to be in a relationship with you?
  • How much of your life do you ask him to be part of?
  • When we go to bed at night, do take all of our worries with us, do they circle around in your brain… or do you give them up to him? Do you say…

“You know what God? I trust you. I am yours, God, and I want you to work in me while I’m sleeping. I want you to give me ideas and insight while my mind rests. To replace worry with peace and to rearrange my steps and to straighten my paths and to make new paths in my mind. Help me wake each morning with hope and joy because I know that you Holy Spirit, are on my side, behind me, in front of me, and all around me.”

By this, you gain insight through your sleep. You wake up refreshed with great ideas that are wise, not worldly…  they’re of God. If you chose to listen, to ask and receive (Math 7:7-80

I want your alarm to go off, and for you to wake up knowing that he worked in you. You won’t reach over with your tired hand – push snooze and saying, “I’m not ready for this day” Instead, you instantly think to yourself, “Thank you, God.” With a peace that you don’t understand. (Phill, Hebrews, John)

You say,

“Come with me God, because I don’t want to do this life alone… I want you with me. You will help me see people that I otherwise would blow by. You will help me have compassion for people that get overlooked. You will help me have the strength to push through far more than I can on my own,

I want you to call on him, tap into him and learn how to wake up Faith-infused, with energy, power, and insight that those in a relationship with God have.

So let’s move on from action item one (relationship) and into number two, THE WORD.

  • God tells us that He is the WORD so if we want to know him more, to hear him more, we need to get into the Word. The word is lost, studies report in 2019 only 38% of us are regularly in the word. I’m so passionate about helping others do this BECAUSE JUST A FEW AGO I WAS ONE OF THE 62% TAKING A BACK SEAT THE POWER OF GOD… THROUGH THE WRITTEN WORD.

Book 1: (personal connection, your story, and claiming yourself as His) was my journey.

Book 2: Before He gave the green light to write it HE nudged and nudged me to the Word. I obeyed and out of this I also took my clients deeper into their faith journey through the written word as well! It’s blessed all of us!!!!!

  • W.O.W. Retreats: women client who wanted to but insecure. I wanted it to be fun.
  • SOMETHING BIG IN 2021 Bible in a year with Legacy Leaders: my clients and myself know it can be overwhelming- make easy

It doesn’t matter how you get into the word, it’s the living word…so it grows… just start. Don’t worry about it if you’re not able to just open the Bible up and get deeply into studying, I’ve learned how important this is… it’s part of why my wow retreats work so well. I use it all to teach. Video, book, journal, memorizing, music, storytelling…

The LIVING WORD is how God speaks to you, it is one of many ways, but it is one of the most powerful.

So just like with our relationship – we may have it right in front of us…but do we tap into it? God left us the Word, but do we read it, open it up, use it?

Do we turn on the radio where the word is being sung to us, or a podcast where the word is being preached, do we do all these different things and plug in the biblical treadmill so to speak, or do we let the Bible… and his words… sit there, unheard and idle being unable to be tapped into. We have free will and there is so much life in the written word…

He is the word… He is the truth and light.
Psalm 119:105 Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path.

I’m going to share a few bible verses with you about the power of knowing and hearing God.

John 10:27 (this is helpful when we can’t see the path before us (when we wish we could hear God tell us where to go, what to do next) Because the truth is – He does tell us where to go and what to do next … if only we can hear….  Faith is needed to step into all God is leading us to…BLIND FAITH,

See, He has told us what to do. AND, if we don’t hear it (or see it) who will go…who will follow? I’m telling you…it’s those with faith. Faith in what they hear and cannot see. (faith comes by hearing) Romans 10:17 So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. 

John 10:27 My sheep listen to my voice, I know them, and they follow Me. That is what’s going to happen as you start to infuse yourself in the Word, you’re going to get to KNOW God better, you’ll slowly recognize the words you read and hear. Gods word. You’ll begin to hear the truth, which helps you tune out the lies. You’re going to start to recall his words, and they will protect you, guide you, and give you help.

I’ll share the first time His transforming words changed my world. I remembered His words from Phil 4:8  whatever is true whatever is noble whatever is right…. think about these things. So for example as I’m going about my day, maybe driving… and my mind goes idle. Then, I would begin to dwell over something that I did wrong or poorly. The verse then came to mind and one of two things could happen. (Here is where free will kicks in, (FIRST YOU NEED AWARENESS NEXT COMES FREE WILL TO ACT) I could either continue on dwelling, which will grow- growing all thing opposite of what is then written true/right…. Or I can recognize the verse I know to be true and redirect my thoughts onto Him and what is true and right and praiseworthy and excellent…

How can we expect to catch ourselves falling prey if we don’t even know what the Word says? There are so many things that people have no idea are in the Bible… all of them help us advance, be blessed, and receive so much more. There is one even more profound thing about learning and knowing God’s word. We recognize that it is His direction and teaching that guides us to safety, heals our bones, aligns our steps when we are aware enough to read, hear, listen, and follow… SHEMA…

with this comes….INCREASED FAITH.

Once you see God at work in your life – by you learning and asking of him how to proceed and he fixes it all, and you give him glory and he blesses you and so it goes. You start to become bolder and bolder. Be courageous… he asks…this is how we do that. He rewards those who seek him. Hebrews 11:6 And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.

So if seeking and responding to God’s word offers us insight, direction, and light, listen to this next verse… John 10:5 (because once you learn to hear and follow God, I don’t want you getting sidetracked) Yet they will by no means follow a stranger, but will flee from him, for they do not know the voice of strangers.” WHO’S VOICE ARE YOU LISTENING TO? WHOSE VOICE DO YOU RECOGNIZE?

This verse talks about how sheep don’t follow strangers and a few short verses later we are reminded John 10:10 the enemy comes to lie, kill and destroy), The world is and will continue to lie to us. It has been from the beginning of time. This is how the enemy tries to keep us from a relationship with God and from doing his work. It says the sheep in fact recognize anyone who is not their master so much that they run from them.

Don’t you want this? I mean, don’t you want to know when you’re being manipulated? Think of all the grief you could have avoided by recognizing the enemy sooner. Think of all the times you fell for the lie, in a relationship, a life decision, overpower, knowledge, a leg up (an apple) … when it comes down to it…by your own flesh, misguided love or anything chosen over God? What a gift, to be able to quickly recognize and instinctively react by fleeing situations that are doomed for failure and harm.

There is a legend that my pastor told in a sermon one time I even put in my book because it just stands out to me so strongly but it talks about this white wolf, and black one living inside each of us… and the two cannot coexist. We can even feel the struggle…. and at times, we are sure one or the other has finally moved on. If the two cannot coexist which do you think wins the fight? Is it the good…after all good always wins over bad right? Well, as the legend goes… It’s the one we feed. So be fed yourself with truth and light. I don’t care how you get it into you. Don’t get hung up on that

…and don’t listen to anyone that’s gonna make you feel bad because you’re not studying the Word the way they do. Remember, all you need to do is start… it’s growing, just lean into the word by music, podcast, wise counsel… however you can get it into you and let it breathe, and let it grow… and take possession over your thoughts… it reigns over any darkness. Romans 12:2n e transformed.

The more aware we are of the light… the easier it will be to recognize the darkness… and to run from it.  Now for the run from it part.

I’m gonna share a simple story with you, which happened early on in my calling and stepping into the written word. I was studying for my life coaching certification and I was thinking that I was going to be a health coach. I wanted to work for my hospital and I knew they were on board but I kept getting nudges that I needed to get into spiritual coaching. So I decided to do some holistic health training, which is very spiritually based. I’m a nurse and I liked the holistic approach concept. So I hopped on my treadmill,  got my training all loaded up into my earbuds, hit play, and off I went on a slow jog. I barely got a couple of minutes into the training when I literally had to get off my treadmill and shut the training down. I actually tried to push myself to listen, thinking I am overreacting and should just hear them out. But, the longer I listened the more ill I felt. It was the first time in my life that my mind heart and soul rebuked when I was hearing. It was powerful and although I thought it was strange, it was also so undeniable.

I’m so glad I got to experience this because this is the same feeling I hear my coaching clients, who have overcome addictions, say happens as they laying their addiction at the cross, professing they were healed through Christ. It is a powerful Christ-filled rebuke. The same power the rose Christ comes over and within you and it can overpower anything else. This training was trying to teach me how to tap into the power and strength that we have from the wind, rocks and trees, and the sun and stars. Now if I’d have heard that a year earlier. I may have felt it to be a bit off.

BUT, I wouldn’t have understood the danger in such limited thoughts. I wouldn’t have picked up on the calculative teaching and graying of spiritual lines. I felt God roaring at me to shut off this misguided teaching. I heard him reassure me with a ‘Good and faithful servant’ ‘an amen’ reminding me that He made this sun they wanted me to worship, and He makes the wind which the HOLY Spirit blows, and if we light that candle, He is the burning flame. It was in that moment that I wondered what would have happened to my call (the work he has set before me?) ….had I not tapped into the trinity… and the written word… just a few months sooner.

Deuteronomy 18:9-12 ESV “When you come into the land that the Lord your God is giving you, you shall not learn to follow the abominable practices of those nations. There shall not be found among you anyone who burns his son or his daughter as an offering, anyone who practices divination or tells fortunes or interprets omens, or a sorcerer or a charmer or a medium or a necromancer or one who inquires of the dead, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord. And because of these abominations the Lord your God is driving them out before you.

We have so much mind space, if we just take a fraction of our time to learn the truth and light we will save ourselves, and loved ones, our sisters, and brothers a lifetime of heartache and pain.

All right, then we’ve talked about how having a relationship with God and knowing His word increases our faith and keeps us from getting sidetracked… but it also protects us.  So many people these days are in a panic. As a nation, we are more anxiety-filled than ever, but with God, we have so much protection, He offers a sweet blanket of peace.

So what is it about hearing god’s that offers protection and keeps us from harm… Isaiah 30:21 Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.”

Okay, let’s talk about the Holy Spirit, he whispers direction to us, he guides us. Do you want this extra help when trying to figure out what to do next? People always say, ‘I just wish God would tell me what to do.’ I’d do it. Now in the Old Testament, the Holy Spirit was only there for the chosen few… Now he is here. All around us but do we listen to him? It’s especially hard to recognize God talking to us through the Holy Spirit as it is so ever-present, mixed right in with all the noise. AND being spoken to all of us regardless of how deep in our faith we are.

I can remember when I was young before I ever thought to seek God out, I was in college, I was never too big on overindulging but I sure hung out with the rowdies… This would get into some pretty dangerous settings and I can remember a few times that without a doubt I knew we needed to leave, you know, immediately turn around and go. My friends would say why? Everything’s fine, but I just knew, could feel alert of nearby danger. Some people might say that that is just common sense… intuition. Well, most everyone wasn’t listening to common sense then!

Even then – before stepping into my faith deeply… I knew to thank God. Why is that? With a knowing, I couldn’t explain that was my response after skirting danger. So if the Holy Spirit is speaking to us and we aren’t even listening, directing us as we aimlessly listen or even ignore… think of the insight and power He could lead us with if we just tapped into Him. Sought Him and obeyed.

No wonder we fail to give God the glory, we have to first recognize the places that he is spurring, nudged, speaking to us… The Holy Spirit is – living – and breathing – in you… Let’s not write it off as the sun, a card or crystal, our own great internal power, coincidence, or for goodness sake… simple goosebumps. This robs God of the power he has in us and prevents us from tapping in and deeper into the true source of God the father, son, and Holy Spirit.

Earlier I talked about different ways we can tap into God and the Word… but I want to touch on there being different ways that we learn.

I like to give the people I work with permission and praise for who they are and to help them figure out a way to enjoy stepping into God and the Word… How it best suits them. So I’ll broadly speak of us as left brain or right-brained persons, a thinker or a feeler. (now this is a gross observation but to keep things moving along you understand what I mean)  We have some folks who are so good analytically, they process through facts and reason. And on the other end of the spectrum, you have someone else who understands emotions and intuition with ease. So you’re obviously going to be able to absorb the Word in different ways. If you’re a feeler and you’ve been trying to go about it in a very analytical way. Yeah, snore, you might fall asleep… and you might feel frustrated while trying to absorb the written word. Some of my clients have said they felt like something was wrong with them and they felt bad that they didn’t enjoy getting into the word. If that’s you do not worry…You just need to tap into it, the way that you need to… the way that’s right for you.

The same goes for those of you who are analytical- you might like history and you want facts. Well getting biblically fed with sweetly melodic song and spirit-driven guidance might send you sailing. Again, this is just good to know…. I want you to give great thought to who you are and how you can best grow your biblical and spiritual connection with God… Then slowly, learn the other side, the flip side of things,

Helping others elevating their life through the power of the Trinity is so important to me, I have a subscription community called the legacy leaders whose sole purpose is to raise up strong Christian sisters and brothers. It’s awesome to see these individuals joining with no spiritual background at all…others so powerfully connected to God and the Word.

But the group unites, as we all learn to step in a little closer to God each and every day. Go check it out! @ Niccie ‘Legacy Leaders’ menu bar

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Sorry I digress… but we’ve now made it to the third and final action I teach my legacy leaders when they are wanting to hear the voice of God… 1st relationship  2nd Tapping into the Trinity through the written Word and last… Worship.

  • Worship is the other big part of how we can hear the voice of God better. As for me and my house, I will love and serve the Lord. (Josh 24:15) Who are you worshiping? And don’t be fooled. If it isn’t God… then it’s the opposite.

How and who we worship is vital to our spiritual growth, being able to tap into him, and all He offers. So let’s look at how we are worshiping the Lord… if we even are worshiping the Lord.

We will consider Worship in terms of WHO, HOW, and WHERE:

WHO (self-assessment, who are you in the parable of the seed?): Matthew 13:3-10 Parable of the seeds, (when you hear the word of God…who are you? rocky, thorny, good?) We know this verse is talking about our faith path. When we hear the words of God does it:

  • With you does the word hit rocky ground. Do the seeds make it to the soil, birds eat it up? This is so often us being all busy flitting around never allowing the word of God to soak in and set in our heart mind and soul. Do you slow down to hear, dedicate time for him and his word?
  • thorns (Do you get to the Word but then let get choked out). Let’s consider where we are, in terms of letting the world choke out the truth we once knew or know.
    • to hear the voice of God better
    • to know the nudging is of Him, not us
    • to LISTEN to the Holy Spirit which we all have

A great example of this… is us under an emergency… See then we quickly call on God (I believe because we innately know it is he above it all. Why do people say ‘Oh my God?’ Now, when things are bad?

Sure, he will be there for us… BECAUSE WE CALL ON HIM BUT… WILL WE CONTINUE TO, AFTER THE EMERGENCY IS OVER?  See in my younger years I called on him only when down on my knees. I believe we all have a relationship with God, but does that mean His words will land on rich, solid, and deep soil?

I spent most of my past living a rosy life, closer to this choked out thorny place than I care to admit…. But this is where much of the world is. The world tries to be louder, distracts us, and pulls at our roots. Oh this thorny place… where yes, we’ve got God in us, but the world drowns him out, tears us apart, and slowly we drift away from God. With important things like jobs, possessions, keeping up with the next person…It’s human. But, what we need to remember is that regardless – He is still present giving and providing…

We need to get ourselves into fertile soil. Let’s take God down deep, into our heart, mind, soul…Where the crop is 100 fold. That’s what we want, we can put him into us so deeply that nothing can stand in our way. Think of how that can change your life. The life of a loved one.

HOW (will you worship): We are all made differently and we need to worship in various ways too. This is why a church service has various ways tucked into each service. Some parts of a church service will feed your soul more than others so figure it out and do that. As God grows you the other ways will grow too.

Ways of worship:

  • Pray, for needs (so you see HIM giving), for work (call to be clear), for life (His energy, power), your meal (provider) work (He directed you to, paycheck) health (cleansed as we take in Christ) hold the hands of the people with you when you pray, and let it be a time of uniting so that they can get that same energy in them too.
  • Sleep: I want you to sleep with God. What I mean is.. that when you go to bed at night, ask him to work on you while you’re sleeping. And right when you wake up and breathe your first breath of the day thank God for a restful night and new day… say “I live with you today.”
  • Read: God breathes truth into you when you read the Bible. More truth = more power
  • Hear: When you hear music, memory to verses combined. To hear a verse that connects with you – that’s the Holy Spirit. Music is catchy so that stays with you for days… AND Faith comes by hearing.
  • Praise: (by song and talking to him) Give him recognition, the more we can acknowledge our understanding of him nudging and speaking to us — the more we will trust him in our lives moving forward. Give God the glory every time you own the position of God in your life for others to witness as well. People want what God offers and we’re do all sorts of worldly-dangerous things trying to fill the void when God is missing. Be sure to make it known why your God-partnered life is so blessed.

WHERE (will you worship?): So where is it that we can really connect up with God? And, I don’t want you to forget that it’s everywhere, but one of the main places (written all over the Word) is in God’s house. The world, over the last 50 years, has gotten out of the habit of worshiping in God’s house (the church). I did a Bible search to see why the Bible wants us meeting together- here are a few;

  • fellowship, a family of believers. The church should be a joyful place where everyone belongs.
  • wise counsel,
  • being able to spur each other on,
  • unity, being able to sing, pray, songs together to hear voices come together and loudly cry out to God together, feel that moving through is powerful.
  • discipline and accountability.
  • To hear a message interpreted by many, to share our insights.

After hearing one message and later discussing this with other believers we can see how the Holy Spirit breathes in the wisdom we need for the day.

In 2 Corinthians, we’re reminded that Christ brings a new way, open worship, the veil is lifted and we need to let others see it. It reveals God’s glory in all ways. Keeping our faith under a bushel hides it from others.

He is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent, everything that is going on in your life he cares about. As we learn of His power — we ask for it more. Faith comes by seeing and hearing. If others hear your faith and see it in action, GLORY BE TO GOD. It makes believers … and that is our purpose and call.

Step into Jesus, so it’s clear to you where to go next.
And Isaiah 30:21, you know – to go this way where he leads us and opens doors and we know where to follow.

screen shot of the Legacy Leader program where you Hear the voice of GodThat’s going to do it for this episode of Living Within the Sweet Spot
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 Jesus looked at them & said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26

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