‘Wise Choices Work’ Week 3’s Podcast with Marty Guthmiller on mission, vision, and values.

Corporate Coaching
Corporate Coaching
'Wise Choices Work' Week 3's Podcast with Marty Guthmiller on mission, vision, and values.

Week 3 of Awaking the Living Legacy focuses on finding our personal mission, vision, and values. After completing week 1 on really looking closely at ‘OUR’ story and how partnered to God we are, we moved into week 2. This part of the book focuses on us learning to accept that WE are perfectly imperfect. God does not make mistakes and we need to allow ourselves enough grace to move on, learn from, and find growth out of our difficulties. As we really deepen our relationship and partnership with God… and learn to love ourselves for not only ‘whose’ we are- but also ‘who’ we are…we start to make plans and take initiative to live with integrity through this strong belief system. This is why I wanted Marty Guthmiller to be Week 3’s podcaster. In this podcast, I ask Marty questions that shed light on how important it is to have a strong mission, vision, and values within an organization. I hope you find his points interesting and insightful in regards to running a large organization with a core principal practice. I also want you to be thinking about your work, and the personal manner in which you carry out your days. I want us all to be as equipped as we can be for living out our days true to our calling. I see so many valuable points that this strong leader offers to anyone in a position of leadership, as well as to all of us who are wanting to firm up our life purpose, direction, and way of living.