A Pornography Addiction Will Not Go Away On Its Own.

As hurt and stunned as you are right now, the worst thing you can do is cover up the issue. 

And hope it will go away. You can’t “fix” him.


In Fact, His Addiction Is Not About You At All.

It’s true. As women, we don’t understand how our husbands can compartmentalize their lives. 

Yet, they are hard-wired this way.  My husband loved me, 

cared for me, and desired me the whole time he was addicted to porn.

You can’t do anything to make him stop the addiction. He has to want to heal for himself.

So What’s The Point Of Seeking Help?

If I Told You There Is A Way Out Of Your Current Pain, Would You Take It?

I know your pain and desperation to find a way out right now. I’ve lived it. You can discover your way up and out as well.

I used to wonder why God allowed such pain in my life. 

But not anymore. I know it’s to empower women whose husbands are tangled in the net of pornography. 

You Can Do This With Help.

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Women experiencing intimate betrayal usually need 18 months to 5 years to heal.

Dr. Eddie Capparucci